Owner Sonofpollux
Status online
Players 0/0
Version 1.201.19
Rank 38
Score 6
Uptime 99.4%
Last Check 5 month(s) ago
Country Canada
Types VanillaCreativeEconomyMini GamesTowny

Version 1.10 - 1.20.4

Hello, we are VanillaMC x Neworldcraft looking to bring you 100% free to play Survival series, Minigames and premium plugins from creators around the world. Ranging from 5 unique planets to discover through progression, you are able to freely build and claim wherever. Or join a Nation and help conquer the New Worlds. in depth survival will test your limits, fight against the cold weather. Blizzards and heat waves +30 more Natural disasters lurk beneath in the caves and above in the sky's. Gather resources, buy and trade items, stocks and play slots. Claim land and set taxes, flags and watch your land grow on our 3D Rendered map. Discover new weopons and tools to help you adventure. Move through 50+ Skills and jobs, becoming the richest civilian or bandit.

Find RARE treasure around each map and the hub, unlock special effects, pets, morphs, arrow effects and ALOT more!

Minigames: Skyblock, COD Zombies, Battle Royale Fishing and more!


Bedrock ip:


Stock Market - SMP - Earth Map - MINIGAMES - MCMMO - 20+ Species - PVE - Weather - Vehicles - Cross Play - Tree Chopping - New Mobs - Level Systems - Wars - Get married - Better Fishing - 100+ New items - Natural Disasters - Skyblock - Battle Royale - Nations - War - Taxes

100% free to play, 100% uptime. Dedicated Admins & Owner.

What is IP for Minecraft server VanillaMC?

The server IP address for VanillaMC is

What version VanillaMC supports?

VanillaMC supports Minecraft version: 1.20, 1.19, .

What is VanillaMC minecraft server location?

VanillaMC server is located in Canada.

What gamemodes VanillaMC supports?

VanillaMC Minecraft server supports Vanilla, Creative, Economy, Mini Games, Towny, gamemodes.