What is a MC-serverlist?

MC-serverlist This web is a list of many community servers on the platform MINECRAFT. .
Thanks to this list new players can find many servers with ease and also can share their own, in the hopes of making their servers visible and accessible for new .
Minecraft players to join. Not only that but you can even compete with other Mc servers and earn points, a place in the leaderboard and new players too.

Rules MC-serverlist

In short words you are prohibited to contribute a server that is not your own. Sexual, vulgar, Rasist or any kind profanity is prohibited as well. You can find more information here : Terms Of Service.

What’s the deal with VIP servers and what are the benefits?

Your servers can be seen instantly when u open the web, making it easy to grab attention of new players. A VIP SERVER generally stands out of the others, not only that but every owner can make customisation changes (custom banner) to make it unique and fresh.

How do you get a VIP?
• you can pay for a VIP helping your server as well supporting our work and us on the web
• You can win a VIP. Once every month we choose one server with the most points collected and that server gets a VIP for free
• You can also offer a partnership with us or we can agree up on a deal on our discord

How the voting system works?

How the voting system works? Voting is a race for who gets to the front pages of the server list. It is a server contest. You can choose from 4 voting cycles. You get a score for each vote. The higher the score the better the placement on the web. You are more visible to players and you have a better chance of new players coming to your server. To motivate your players to vote for your server, you can set up VOTIFIER and reward your players for each vote.
If you do not know how to set the votifier (vote) you can see our: TUTORIAL (CLICK) .

Voting cycle and score ?

• 24 hours ➜ 12 score
• 12 hours ➜ 6 score
• 6 hours ➜ 3 score
• 2 hours ➜ 1 score

-Scores and votes are reset every month to give new servers a chance
-You can use: SuperBvote / NuVotifier / CustomVoting
and other...

Video - Tutorials

•How to add a server to the web: CLICK
•How to add and set up a YTB trailer : CLICK
•How to set Voting (Votifier / nuVotifier / superbvote...): CLICK
Do you have another question? issue ? idea ? contact me at our: DISCORD

Important URL (recomended links)

•SuperBvote CLICK
•CustomVoting CLICK
•NuVotifier CLICK
•Animated banner creator CLICK

Advertising - Partnerships - Cooperation - Sponsorship

•We are open to cooperation of various kinds. The only condition is that it has something to do with the game minecraft.
•Please contact me at our: DISCORD